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To be a premium global organization with leadership position in every product and territory of operation

To deliver superior value to all  stake holders by being the loyal business partner

Ethical practices are the very foundation of VNAT . As a enterprise that touches the world, we feel it is our responsibility to be a shining example of corporate governance and values driven business in all the communities that we touch. We adhere to every compliance, and corporate governance .


We delight our customer


VICTORE NATURAL RESOURCES (VNAT RESOURCES) is an UAE based decade old trading enterprise, supplying natural resources to many industries in Indian Subcontinent, Middle East & Africa.

&distributing Earth's natural resources for Steel, Glass,  Cement, power, oil drilling& Infrastructure companies.  We plan supply, demand, and allocation of the commodities required by the industry to produce the quality product for the market. Our analyzing approach in sourcing natural resource helps the industry to develop more sustainable methods of managing those resources. We always ensure that the materials are always available, whenever needed.

We identified our self as Resource economists, with continues study, research, analysis  finding solutions of the issues in supply of raw material , industrial machinery and waste 

We have expertise in exploiting the distribution of natural resources from their origin to end users enabling to develop easy supply in case of demand arising.


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